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July 2017

Wall mural mad! 

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We were asked by our clients if we could re-design their lounge, as they found they weren’t using it as often as they’d like. We went for a completely different look to the rest of the house, and have gone down the more natural, naturistic route, although keeping some of it relevant to the rest of the house! As green is known to be a calming colour, hopefully this lounge will now get the use it deserves! 

Box Caterpillar

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We arrived in France to find all our box DEAD! Just to inform people who have box (buxus sempervirens) beware of the box caterpillar, these have been introduced from India into Europe and have made it into South East England and the London area, they can destroy and eat all your buxus in 10days and it’s gestation period is 3 times a year! The only way to kill them is to put pesticide on them and heavily water them 

Kills all box plants